A mix of classic Offshore Racing and Grand Prix circuits will combine to make up the 2015 UIM ClassOne World Powerboat Championship which has been agreed between representatives of the U.I.M., teams, drivers and H2O Racing, promoter of the UIM ClassOne World Powerboat Championship, with the following press release issued by the U.I.M.


At a Class1/V1 Stakeholders’ meeting held in Rome, representatives of the International Powerboating Federation, of the Teams, of the Drivers and of H2O Racing, UIM’s Promoter Partner of this Series, reached agreement on the racing calendar for the 2015 Class 1/ V1 season.

Taking advantage of the revival of the legendary international Endurance Race Venezia – Monte Carlo by the CEFID Multimedia Organizing Committee, two Class 1 / V1 stages shall be held within this most fascinating Event in the Mediterranean Sea:

The first race will be held on the opening day on 1st July, from Venezia, while the second race will take place from Salerno on 9th of July.

It was also agreed to maintain the Terracina race on the calendar, which would take place from 16th to 18th October.

The stage of the final event will again be Abu Dhabi, where this year three races will be organized on 18th, 20th and 21st November instead of a single event as in the past.

To see all details of the UIM Class 1/V1 racing calendar please visit the UIM website

2015 Calendar

30 June/1 July – Venezia/Rimini, Italy

8/9 July – Salerno/(tbc), Italy

16/18 October – Terracina, Italy (tbc)

16/21 November – Abu Dhabi, UAE

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