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Chaudron launching in Cannes

Chaudron Powerboats Malta will be joining major players in the luxury world of water sport at the forthcoming Cannes Yachting Festival to unveil their latest exclusive powerboat.

The boat was specifically build to the explicit lust of its distinguished owner, a leading Italian designer whose name will be partially incorporated in the model’s name.

‘We Race What We Build” is the hallmark associated with Chaudron Powerboats.

Since their international racing debut as a wildcard entry on the P1 circuit in May 2004 during the Malta GP with the brother-and-sister team – Aaron and Audrien – as driver and throttleman – the name Chaudron grew in stature.In fact, they went on to win six World Championships as manufacturers where on four occasions Aaron Ciantar featured on winning team as driver. This new Chaudron G Edition powerboat, and their presence as an exhibitor at the Cannes Yachting Festival, is definitely a significant acknowledgment to the Maltese team’s positive experiences and success.The festival is to be held bet-ween next Tuesday and September 13 in two main ports on the French Riviera – Le Vieux Port and Port Pierre Canto. Some 550 boats will be on display in water and on land, among them 100 world premieres of the finest new models created by the most famous international shipyards. The new Chaudron G Edition will be on display on the mega exhibition area of the ‘Venezia-Monte Carlo International En-durance Race’ where the official handing-over presentation of the new boat by Chaudron to the distinguished owner is being held next Wednesday. Here, important details regarding future races of the new Chaudron are expected to be announced by the new owners and the boat builders.

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