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The Ukrainians Went, Raced and Conquered!

The reflections expressed in our preview on the eve of the 31st Key West World Championship staged at Key West Florida only three weeks ago were so very true.

Appropriate words to go along with the character and qualities of Ukrainian Viktor Shemchuk, a Doctor of Philosophy in Law by profession, a powerboat sports aficionado, the president of the National Ukrainian Powerboat Federation and the proud owner of super powerboats Ukrainian Spirit and Seagull, so successful in Europe and now in America too. Viktor Shemchuk following Key West …..

Prior to this first USA experience you were confident of doing well but have you ever thought that ‘doing well’ meant winning the two categories you contested?

“Our investors, managers, the whole Ukrainian team of Seagull as well as Aaron and me have done a great job and naturally we are happy with the results. The Ukrainian guys were very well prepared – confidently they went on from race to race eventually to win the SBI World Championship. Fate gave me and Aaron one in a thousand chance and we took it. Of course, we are happy. Prior to the race we discussed the possible results on our debut. The participation of Seagull was a last minute decision. We hoped that one of the boats would make the podium. But no, we never dreamt of winning in two classes on the same occasion.”


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