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Aaron Ciantar in #44 Conam Yachts with Angelo Tedeschi

The reigning Powerboat P1 Supersport champions are taking nothing for granted in 2008, even if they’re widely regarded as the team to beat. After reliability problems in 2006, the Racing Project team’s new Mercury-powered Chaudron 41 became a consistently fast machine under the watchful eye of experienced throttleman and team owner Angelo Tedeschi in 2007. So it’s no surprise that the outfit has retained the Mercury-Chaudron package for this year, albeit under the new name of #44 Conam Yachts. Tedeschi has enrolled a new pilot for the 2008 campaign, though, in the shape of Aaron Ciantar. Ciantar probably knows the Chaudron 41 better than anyone. Chaudron Boats, based in Malta , is the Ciantar family business, and Aaron has been heavily involved in building and testing the Chaudron 41 from day one.

Aaron has already demonstrated plenty of raw talent and courage in Powerboat P1. The 33ft Chaudron that he and his sister raced in Supersport consistently punched above its weight in 2007, and Aaron’s skill at the helm has impressed Tedeschi greatly. “I was testing the Chaudron 41 with Angelo before the start of last year,” Ciantar says. “I made a turn at full throttle and he just looked at me, smiled and said, ‘Fancy racing with me? No one else drives like that!’.”

So now Tedeschi has Ciantar on board – literally and metaphorically – we’ll be able to see just how much natural ability Ciantar can bring to one of Powerboat P1’s most professional outfits. With Ciantar’s fearless raw talent, Tedeschi’s experience and the team’s great technical ability, the competitive spirit in Racing Project is continuing at full strength for 2008.


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